Apple snaps up Australian-made SnappyLabs: Report

Apple might presently be operating to let its iPhone users take up to twenty photos per second when it’s reportedly purchased SnappyLabs and its photography app SnappyCam.

SnappyCam, that was created by San Francisco-based Australian John Papandriopoulos, improved on the default iPhone phone application by permitting iPhone five users to require 8-megapixel quality shots at twenty footage per second. consistent with reports, Papandriopoulos rewrote the JPEG codec with a replacement algorithmic rule for ARM processors with the atomic number 10 SIMD extension to permit the iPhone’s camera to compress the complete 8MP shots in real time. This was fourfold the quantity within the default iPhone five camera app, consistent with SnappyCam.

Users might additionally flip the photos taken into AN animated GIF victimisation the app.

Hopes for AN golem version of the app seem to possess been broken when the SnappyCam professional app, that oversubscribed for AU$0.99 on the iTunes store, was off from the shop over the weekend, amid speculation that the corporate had been purchased by Apple.

SnappyLabs’, and SnappyCam’s websites were each additionally taken offline over the weekend, and therefore the company’s Twitter profile was fastened down moreover.

A voice for Apple in Australia had not felt an invitation for comment at the time of writing, however Apple’s purchase of the corporate was confirmed by The Wall Street Journal.

“Apple buys smaller technology corporations from time to time, and that we typically don’t discuss our purpose or plans,” the voice reportedly aforementioned.