AWS Backups

Since AWS is entirely self-managed, it’s up to you to keep your instance updated and secure. That’s a lot of responsibility, so I recommend setting up a calendar alert on your phone and/or computer so that you go through the motions at least once a month.

Backups in AWS are surprisingly simple. To create a backup, you simply make a “Snapshot” of your instance.

1) Log into your AWS Console
2) Go to your EC2 dashboard
3) Go to your Volumes tab.

4) Select one of your volumes to back up.
5) Select the “Actions” button, and click “Create Snapshot.
6) Enter a backup name and description. You can’t change the description later, so make it count.

Note: that Snapshots only save your EBS volume… akin to a hard drive backup. This is perfect for WordPress, but keep in mind that Snapshots don’t save memory state (also called “Ephemeral storage”), so if you are doing something more advanced than WordPress, keep this in mind.