Bluecoat confident it can capitalise on security boom

Blue Coat Systems said that the market for the internal network and content security intention is booming in the Middle East, as more enterprise-level organizations consider to protect against spyware, viruses, Internet, Web browsing inappropriate , file sharing and instant messaging.

The seller says it has seen its turnover rise from just U.S. $ 50,000 per year in 1999 to U.S. $ 8,000,000 last year in the Middle East. “The requirements of security and awareness is becoming increasingly important in the Internet access infrastructure,” says Ray Kafity, general manager of Blue Coat Systems. “We removed the liabilities of the companies. We are a policeman if you want. “Through different granular policy settings, proxy servers, Blue Coat can set limits on how employees at a company using the Internet, even to specific timetables limit web access around the world.

company runs the proxy for Etisalat, which means that 92% of all Internet traffic through the United Arab Emirates Internet system is being sorted and filtered by Blue Coat. It also claims the National Bank of Dubai, Abu Dhabi Investment Authority and the Emirates International Bank and its clients. Its scalable solutions: technology can be deployed in enterprises with 200 employees up.

“As the number of people using the Internet grows, there is a need to be controlled . Businesses, especially those with many employees now can be held responsible for the content that your personal access, so it is crucial systems exist to prevent abuse and help alleviate bandwidth problems, “says Kafity.