Cisco to Introduce Digital Stereo System at CES

Cisco has won much attention from consumer news sites since the New York Times reported Monday that the networking giant at CES next week is expected to unveil a digital stereo system that can move music wirelessly around a house, among other consumer offerings. But analysts and pundits say there are hurdles that Cisco must overcome in a market where Cisco is an unknown brand. Pundits also point to similar offerings from Sonos, Logitech and Apple.

Jonathan Greene writing in eHomeUpgrade says he’s puzzled as to “why Cisco is not simply focusing on enabling the connectivity and distribution piece on the network rather than going for the end-point.” He adds that he’d rather see “something neutral that provides access to content (and not just music btw) where I want it – whether that’s in my house or pushed out to my mobile device.” Greene also points out that Cisco will need to gain access from the very closed Apple iTunes ecosystem to make this a useful device. “So far, the standard fault of every media streamer is that it can’t play iTunes DRM … I don’t see how Cisco’s solution solves any of this,” Greene writes. Continue reading “Cisco to Introduce Digital Stereo System at CES”

Cisco: Broadband providers should not treat all bits the same

All bits running over the Internet are not equal and should not be treated that way by broadband providers, despite net neutrality advocates’ calls for traffic neutral regulations, Cisco Systems said.

A huge number of Internet-connected devices with a wide variety of traffic requirements, including billions of machine-to-machine connections, will come online over the next four years, Cisco predicted in its Visual Networking Index Global Forecast and Service Adoption, released Tuesday.

“What we’re seeing is a wide range and a very diverse range of devices, applications and requirements that results in a much greater complexity of the networks,” said Robert Pepper, Cisco’s vice president for global technology policy. “The Internet of everything is here, it’s real, and it’s growing.” Continue reading “Cisco: Broadband providers should not treat all bits the same”

​Cisco buys Synata to spice up collaboration search tools

Cisco aforementioned it’s noninheritable Synata, a non-public company that has technology that may boost search tools for its Spark application.

Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed.

Synata’s technology permits customers to look on-premise and cloud applications from one venue. Synata are going to be integrated into Cisco Spark, that runs on the company’s collaboration cloud. Cisco’s collaboration unit has bulked up via acquisitions like, Assemblage, Tropo and Acano.

Cisco’s Spark is aimed toward enterprises trying connect with customers via multiple mediums. Continue reading “​Cisco buys Synata to spice up collaboration search tools”

Cisco adds programmability to Internet routers

Cisco on increased its network software code to spice up the performance of cloud applications and cut back operational prices.

As secure last week by CEO Chuck Robbins, Cisco unveiled AN upgrade to its IOS XR code that options improved programmability and tighter integration with common configuration and management tools. The code was developed with some leading internet corporations, supported their operational best practices, however Cisco failed to determine which of them.

Cisco conjointly extended 3 additions to its Network Convergence System (NCS) Series router line, that runs IOS XR. Continue reading “Cisco adds programmability to Internet routers”

Cisco launches cloud consumption monitoring service for smaller enterprises

Cisco is launching a service higher|to raised|to higher} monitor cloud usage inside Associate in Nursing enterprise and better management supposed shadow IT.

The effort, Cisco Cloud Consumption as a Service, is aimed toward serving to smaller and mid-sized firms monitor the utilization of public cloud services. Cisco’s Cloud Consumption as a Service discovers and monitors usage across an organization.

Cisco’s service can run $1 to $2 per user a month counting on a company’s size. The giving is obtainable via Cisco’s channel. Cisco antecedently had a cloud consumption observation effort, however it had been aimed toward massive enterprises and delivered through a services organization.

Robert Dimicco, senior director of advanced services at Cisco, same the cloud tool rolls up analytics, security risks, profiles and benchmarking. for example, Cisco’s cloud observation service even includes Dun & Anne Dudley Bradstreet information to assess monetary health of a merchandiser. Continue reading “Cisco launches cloud consumption monitoring service for smaller enterprises”