Cisco still open to IBM partnership

Cisco Systems partner tries to major server vendors, a few years ago with its own blade servers this year and is always open to a partnership with IBM, “said President and CEO John Chambers on Tuesday.

“I remain convinced that the work on behalf of IBM with us. The door is always open,” Chambers told the audience on the company’s financial analyst conference office at the headquarters in San Jose, California. This annual event covered a wide range of topics and leaders of the company showed “reflection on various topics.

IBM announced earlier this year an agreement in which they are switches and routers Cisco rival Juniper Networks to resell.

Chambers and other executives spent much of the day, analysts estimate that Cisco has a window of opportunity now to be the key IT and communications provider to the growing importance of virtualization, collaboration and video. An important step in this direction has been recently announced a partnership with the company EMC and VMware. Under a joint venture called the Acadia is the integration of their systems and EMC storage management software with Cisco UCS (Unified Computing System) architecture with VMware virtualization software provides.

against this, Chambers of Cisco believes a central role in data storage products plant can not be realized, “he said. If it could just as firmly established a partnership with a platform by the computer company, Cisco has not developed its own servers, “said Chambers.

Analysts at the event said they believe Chambers is sincere about its willingness to work with IBM to work. The two companies have much in common, as companies adapt their customers and Cisco products in the supply of IBM, “said Mark Sue of RBC Capital Markets.

But the bridge between Cisco and any other major server vendors have been burned are: Hewlett-Packard, say once a close partner of Cisco, analysts said. Cisco UCS was presented earlier this year, close competition with HP Business Server Core and HP announced last month to acquire 3Com, Cisco to expand its competitors in the networking.

Also on Tuesday, Chambers said Cisco provided any stage of its recent struggle to win shareholders of Norwegian companies Tandberg video systems.

October 1, Cisco announced an agreement with Tandberg Board of the Company for approximately $ 3 billion for purchase. After some signals major shareholders thought the offer was too low and does not guarantee the company for the vote needed 90 percent of the shares on the first Cisco defended their offer and said it might abandon the case, if forced, but later raised its offer to 3.4 billion dollars.

But Cisco’s leadership has seen everything that comes and mapped the different scenarios, Chambers during a press conference at noon, financial analysts said.

“We went with her not knowing exactly the challenges ahead. … He goes as planned, “said Chambers.

The acquisition, which was obtained last week a little over 90 percent of the necessary support to access Cisco technical talent Scandinavian and five senior high, “he said. “Their management team is allowed a total of the best management team, we have had since the acquisition of Crescendo in 1993,” said Chambers. This acquisition in the frames as Mario Mazzola Luca Cafiero, Cisco technology for years to come has formed.

Cisco’s management can not be known exactly how the drama of acquisition would play but it is probably no surprise that when shareholders demanded more Tandberg, said analyst Sam Wilson, JMP Securities.

Chambers expects to Cisco to buy more foreign companies in the coming years because the two companies should invest in countries where it sells many products due to the high potential of technology outside the U.S. he said. India and China graduates about 600,000 courses of engineering each year, against 60,000 in the United States, “he said. “We have to go where the talent and that is where the start-up is,” said Chambers.