Cisco VTP domain

When I make any new VLAN on the server are automatically performed on all customers … … … … … thats ok … … … well … … … … .. but when I can I add particular VLAN interfaces to any server in the number of members is not copied to the customers! VLAN simply means getting copied, but no information about the members of interface. I configured correctly and Trunking VTP domain. Please tell me what to do on the server or clients to be members Vlan interfaces back also?

The individual belonging to a LAN port of local importance only to a switch. Take two switches A and B. Establish a registry, a server is, B is a customer. Add 10 VLANs on the server. Di 10-19. Switch B can learn from the VLANs That means that the switch B is known to exist. That means you can send any traffic on them to make one if necessary. Add VLAN12 ports on switch A – B without changing the ports to find really be. It is normal to expect that the addition of a port on a switch to a specific VLAN must be cascaded to all switches to a port should be in that VLAN – which happen to add the port 25, if switch 2 is just another port 25? The presence of devices in a VLAN is set to L2 MAC normal transfer and learning. 12 serial port on the switch and connect to a PC VLAN12 in. In the first, which is likely to send a DHCP request. This is going to flood all parties as is the question. This means that also crosses the trunk link to sitch B, so that the switch B is added to the MAC address of your CAM table for VLAN 12 on the trunk link.