The Brocade 7500 SAN router

The Brocade 7500 SAN router can help save time and money when moving large amounts of data.

The Brocade 7500 SAN Router is a faster (4 Gb/sec) routing switch that gives scalable Fibre Channel routing services, combined with performance-optimized SAN extension, all managed by familiar Brocade administrative tools, under a unified management platform.

Now you can cost-effectively corral all your SAN data, for backup and DR, quickly and securely, on independent fabrics, local or remote. It is powerful enough to boost high-performance enterprise storage network throughput while significantly cutting costs. And it is affordable enough to bring cost-effective device and data sharing to just two small SANs.


  • Provides an enterprise building block for consolidation and business continuity solutions that drive efficiency and cost savings
  • Significantly reduces the cost and effort of SAN design, implementation, and management
  • Enables secure connections across IP WANs through IPSec encryption, and provides powerful hardware-assisted FCIP capabilities for line-rate performance
  • Optimizes performance for SAN extension across suboptimal WANs with storage optimized protocol enhancements and features such as Fast Write for FCIP, Tape Pipelining, and hardware-based compression
  • Simplifies interconnection and support for mixed-vendor SAN environments

Key Benefits

  • Saves time and money on SAN design, implementation, and management
  • Device sharing across disparate SANs at 4 Gb/sec speeds
  • Powerful hardware-assisted FC over IP line-rate remote performance
  • Highly advanced, standardized SAN connectivity services
  • Reliable, safe SAN extension across suboptimal WANs
  • SAN sharing without the complexity of physically merging SANs

Brocade launches management tools and 100GbE router

Brocade has launched Advisor Brocade network, a converged platform for managing storage area networks and IP networks, and high density of 100 Gb Ethernet router as part of its overall strategy for data centers.

The products, announced Wednesday, are part of Brocade specializes in networking is a strategy that aims to simplify the architecture of the modern data center. Compete with the data center packages offered by other hardware companies such as Cisco Unified Information System and the state of Juniper Networks Project.

“Brocade Advisory Network (BNA) helps reduce customer operating costs, minimizing training, increased automation and consolidation of tools,” said Jason Nolet, Vice President Data Center of the company and the network group business, in a statement.