Where to start CCIE

Last week a friend of mine just got his CCIE number. We have been together in a field book last year in October. It was also his third attempt. And, as I’ve heard of him, was also very unsure about the final result and could not believe what he has seen the day after CCIE profile. Congratulations to him. Moreover, as it did have a son who is 16 months old, not always let you do whatever you want. But as you can see, it is possible. It’s just very hard to get motivated every time, but as you stick to it, is possible.

So where to start, when just at the beginning of everything and not know where to head. You build your laboratory for yourself or is it better to rent a lab? What study materials are needed? How long do you need? What is the best approach to learning and to the laboratory.

I’ll try to answer some questions here and hopefully will be helpful in your journey to CCIE.

Written ist the starting point
First you must pass the written exam before they can even think of laboratory practice at all. This is quite some time.

Always check out the Cisco home page for the latest news on this topic. This must become the main indicator to go and where to find information about the lab.

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