Cloud to come of age by 2015

According to Simon Piff, associate vice president for enterprise infrastructure research at IDC Asia-Pacific, businesses today are still hesitant in utilizing cloud computing for much of their IT needs due to concerns over security, service reliability, data location and sovereignty, as well as vendor support.

This reluctance was reflected in a recent IDC survey on companies in Asia-Pacific, excluding Japan, which were quizzed on their cloud plans, Piff said during his presentation at IDC Asia-Pacific’s Cloud Conference 2011 held here Wednesday. The survey findings revealed that companies in developed markets such as Singapore and Hong Kong showed more reticence in using cloud services, compared with their counterparts in developing markets such as Indonesia and Thailand, the analyst noted. Continue reading “Cloud to come of age by 2015”

Cloud, mobility to drive security market

On the Symantec Vision 2011 conference here Friday, said Enrique Salem, president and CEO of security vendor of this journey of transformation of the importance of cloud computing, mobility and virtualization in IT.

“IT Trends in mobile and cloud computing are driving increased connectivity in an unprecedented scale.

“These compounds are to create more opportunities and the danger points more for our intellectual property, financial integrity, corporate reputation, control of our individual and collective identity, privacy, and even national infrastructure “said Salem.

He noted that cloud computing, such as utility computing is not a “fad” and is the biggest change to reflect in IT. As the cloud platform increasingly used for storage management, backup recovery, user verification, monitoring and compliance in use, it is defined the way people think IT organizations , he added. Continue reading “Cloud, mobility to drive security market”