IT and AV become partners with Building IPTV

Network convergence is to help organizations stretch their budgets to infrastructure, enabling IP networks to carry information such as telephone conversations or TV and video that previously required separate investments and operational infrastructure.

The impact of this convergence is greater than in any part of IT and AV professionals, it is the collision of worlds in IPTV, which offers TV and video over an IP network. Construction of the IPTV, used for internal communication in organizations, requires close collaboration between IT and AV professionals, systems integrators and consultants that serve themselves and suppliers.

If implemented correctly, Building IPTV offers both IT and AV professionals the opportunity to increase their strategic value to the organization, focusing on its core capabilities.

Exterity This white paper provides an overview of the IPTV construction designed to help IT and AV professionals maximize the construction of IPTV. It begins with an overview of network convergence and IPTV, and discusses how it differs from Building IPTV IPTV consumer-oriented.

After a review of the typical construction of IPTV applications, how the technology works and its advantages, the White Paper concludes with a business-focused advice in doing the work of construction of IPTV for your organization.