Linksys brings new E-Series of routers

Cisco’s Linksys intends to offer a new range of E-Series routers to the masses, so if you’re currently in the market looking for one, you might want to start directing your resources as well as research time their way. This new family of routers and switches do seem to be pretty capable on paper, comprising of five routers that are all capable of handle data transfers which approaching 450Mbps (in theory, of coourse). Not only that, they come with a 3×3 spatial stream configuration that will deliver improved coverage, external power amplifiers to maintain signal strength across a longer distance while making sure dead spots are reduced, and virtual USB technology whcih allows one to connect to USB printers, storage and compatible devices over the network. Linksys intends to ship these puppies in the near future to the masses from $59.99 all the way to $179.99 depending on the model, with the most expensive among them sporting dual-band 802.11 and the fastest transfer support

The E3200 and E2500 both support simultaneous 2.4/5.0 GHz use as well, with the E3200 having 2×3 and the E2500 having 2×2 antennas. Only the E3200 gets gigabit ethernet and a USB port; the E2500 makes do with four 10/100 ports. The E1500 and E1200 bring up the rear, finally, with single 2.4GHz support and four 10/100 ethernet. Full specs in the gallery below.

Prices of the switches, meanwhile, range from $29.99 to $74.99. The cheapest is the SE1500, with five 10/100 ports, while the SE2500 has five gigabit ports and the SE2800 has eight gigabit ports. Again, specs in the gallery below. All new models are available from today.