Netgear N150 Wireless Router review

A perfect complement to an ADSL router W8961ND aging and TP-Link, Netgear this N150 Wireless ADSL2 + Modem Router DGN1000 is well targeted to the budget ADSL market, but hopefully without any of the horrible flaws TP-Link suffered.

Despite the credentials of its budget, N150 Netgear 802.11n Wireless Router provides basic, but limited Wireless-N network with full ADSL2 + modem and 100BaseT Ethernet LAN ports.

It is also relatively good style, taking the most popular method glossy black chassis, has a small footprint and a wide span of the lights of fresh-blue.

As is the way to Netgear, the unit comes with a switch on / off and normal external power supply. The table also find a single DSL filter and a network cable and phone to get you started.

Netgear Wireless N Router DGN2000

Netgear was one of the first companies to release a fix Draft-N wireless LAN and has released a range compatible with standard routers. The DGN2000 N Wireless Modem Router is the latest and is a small and compact ADSL + router 802.11n standard.
This router is compact and, like the Linksys WRT610N and 300N Sitecom has been designed for bed. twin antennas protruding from the rear and can be placed to give the best signal.

Four ports on the back is limited to the speed of 10/100 Ethernet, and there is a modem connection. The latter device supports ADSL +, which is the latest current connection, so that gives a reasonable degree of future-proof.

Protected Setup

You will not find a USB connection, but there is a hardware button for switching the wireless router on or off, adding to the green credentials of the router, and you will save energy when not in use. There is also a button WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) which makes it easy to connect all the CM-supported laptops on the network.

The front of the unit has a row of LEDs that turn green to show the unit is on, and which ports are in use. The software installation is to use the Netgear Smart Wizard tools which, fortunately, we have seen something of a revision and was much more reliable than previous versions. As with the other routers here, you can select the bandwidth to optimize heavy use channels such as VoIP or gaming.

Router Configuration was easy and reliable connection speeds. Used in conjunction with the Netgear RangeMax Wireless N USB Adapter WN111, signal intensity was slightly lower than Linksys, but found more than acceptable range, which is ideal for the home.
The N Wireless Modem Router Netgear DGN2000 offer no real surprise, but with its high speed and support for ADSL +, to be able to use it for some time to come.