Wireless scanner sends documents straight to the cloud

Right now, my table is strewn with receipts, freelance contracts, business cards and written programing data that i am process for a few coming conferences and stories. Sooner or later, i am going to ought to scan a bunch of them so as to pass them on to my editors and purchasers. Here reception, i take advantage of a multifunction printer to manage this, however that is quite a pain once I desire a break from my laptop.

I’m precisely the target client, I suppose, for a replacement $499 wireless scanner and digital classification system from Neat known as NeatConnect (pictured above).

The purpose of the scanner is pretty straightforward. It’s meant for serving to flip paper documents, receipts and business cards into digital files that may be send on to a cloud storage service or emailed somewhere — all while not having to be connected to a desktop or personal computer. (It will need a local area network association, of course). Continue reading “Wireless scanner sends documents straight to the cloud”

Netgear N150 Wireless Router review

A perfect upgrade to an aging ADLS router like the TP-Link W8961ND, this Netgear N150 Wireless ADSL2+ Modem Router DGN1000 is firmly aimed at the budget ADSL market, but hopefully without any of the horrible shortcomings the TP-Link suffered from.

Despite its budget credentials, the Netgear N150 Wireless Router provides basic but limited 802.11n Wireless-N networking along with a full ADSL2+ modem and four 100BaseT Ethernet LAN ports.

It’s also relatively well styled, taking the more popular shiny black chassis approach, has a small footprint and a useful array of cool-blue status lights.

As is Netgear’s way, the unit comes with an on/off switch and the usual external power supply. In the box you’ll also find a single ADSL filter plus a network and telephone cable so you can easily get started.

Netgear WNDR3700 wireless router

Dual-Band Router Net gear calls its Wi-Fi Router WNDR3700: This is somewhat misleading, because the WNDR3700 transmits not only on the two frequencies 2.4 and 5 GHz but does so even simultaneously. Other manufacturers refer to such wireless router as a parallel band, or simultaneous dual-band router. In addition to the dual-band capability brings WNDR3700 Net gear gigabyte switch and USBport and other features

The Netgear WNDR 3700 supports the (preliminary) draft-802.11n standard. In our speed tests it was one of the fastest routers: Over the short distance of three meters, it managed more than 100 Mbit / s. worthwhile even for large distances, the Net gear WNDR3700: Over a distance of 40 meters, it provided excellent 47 Mbit /s.

These values, he scored in our trouble-free test environment in each of the 5-GHz frequency. The measurements on the 2.4 GHz band fell by 82 Mb / s for the short distance and 24 Mbps weaker for the long distance off. In simultaneous operation on both frequencies transferred the Netgear WNDR3700 130-170 Mbit / s. The speed tests, we could however not be accomplished with the included USB wireless adapter WNDA3100, but had to compete adapter and draw a notebook with Intel WLAN module:

The wireless router and the Netgear adapter mounted namely a stable connection is – only worked for a few seconds of data transfer before the connection is lost. The driver software of the USB adapter was irritated by comparison with endless WLAN scanning and brought our Windows Vista test system to crash repeatedly.

Wireless Router Air Live WN-200R

The router is a device that is already part of everyday furniture in many households. The Internet connection is almost essential today, and what it allows in most cases is a router.ISPs tends to give us this device most of the time, but that unit does not always have the options that we seek. That we present today is a complement of assigned by our ISP, which greatly expands the possibilities adding further support for wireless networks due to the presence of an antenna.

The exact model is the WN-200R and it is a small lightweight device with the ability to enable wireless devices with this type of communication. As mentioned, only the WN-200R will be between the ADSL router and all of our devices. In the box we see its features: Compatible with Turbo-G and Wireless-G, support for e-mail alerts, wireless technology of 150 Mbps and so on. Behind we have all these features but in several languages.

The device is not very large and is fairly lightweight. The color chosen, like many products Air Live, is white, with touches of black in the middle and gray at the base. The product is small so we will not have problems to place anywhere but can only be flat we see that on either side in the dark there are holes for the router to breathe. It is similar to what is on the surface where we also see holes just below the logo of Air Live.

Wireless Router Air Live WN-200R

Replace the router or modem that the ISP provide us when we discharge its services is a task that often is unsuccessful: to find a specific pattern that matches the specifications of the ISP in addition to having to call the provider to reconfigure the router are things that not all users can or know how to perform or that many times come to naught. However we always have alternative options to enhance the characteristics of the original apparatus.

Today we have to focus on a ASUS router which is designed to meet the sometimes irritating gaps that may have the equipment provided by our ISP. The specific model is the RT-N15.With the picture in front of the blue surprise the stylized form of the router which is quite thin and can be displayed either vertically or horizontally

Box also shows details such as the speed of 300 Mbps can be achieved, compatibility with all wireless modes support for WPS, or Gigabyte Ethernet with LAN.In the back there are more details, including a map of how to connect the device, or a description of the BOD, or intelligent management system bandwidth.

Since then, the chances of this router are very large, at least we can see at a glance. Now that the Internet is an essential tool in every home, what better way to enjoy it than with a device that allows us to take full advantage of that connection? We will see what you can do this ASUS RT-N15 cannot do others. We will see in more detail.