Verizon LTE network to go live

Verizon Wireless said Wednesday that its wireless high-speed LTE (Long Term Evolution) network available in 38 cities on 5 December.

Initially, customers can use the network to connect to Internet from their laptops, with prices starting at U.S. $ 50 per month for 5 gigabytes of data. Customers can also choose a $ 80 monthly plan comes with 10 GB. Each additional gigabyte limits for $ 10. You can choose between two USB modems for $ 100 after rebate of $ 50 to connect to the network. Additional modems will come in a few weeks, Verizon said.

Some observers expected the mobile phones running on the network to be available in early 2011, but on Wednesday, Verizon said it would go on sale in mid-2011. In October, Verizon said it would announce six phones, and tablets at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

The dual-mode USB modem to work on Verizon’s 3G network for customers traveling outside the 38 LTE markets.

The period of 38 markets nationwide, with the larger region of Southern California, said Tony Malone, senior Verizon vice president and technical director.

The coverage also extends to 60 commercial networks, most of which are in the 38 markets, said Malone.

Verizon still plans to cover its entire 3G LTE network by 2013.

Verizon announced it would launch LTE, it says will offer download speeds ranging from 5 million bps (bits per second) to 12M bps, in 2009. “At that point we were not sure if we would be the first to offer LTE, but what we are sure of is that we are the first to offer LTE on the scale that will truly make a difference,” said Malone.

Verizon was beaten in the regional carrier MetroPCS market, which launched its first LTE network in Las Vegas in September.