Avaya details plans for the integration of Nortel

The communications company, which bought Nortel Enterprise Solutions in September 2009, said Tuesday that some Nortel products would be discontinued, while some would replace the current Avaya products. Over time, Nortel’s existing customers to migrate to Avaya SIP-based Aura platform, Avaya said.

In six months time, Nortel marker, the application server model 5300 and the “m” version CS1K communications server will no longer be produced or distributed. The CC7 Nortel’s contact center platform will replace Avaya Contact Center Express. All four products will continue to suspend supported by Avaya for the next six years.

In a conference call on Tuesday, global communications systems Avaya Alan Baratz chief stressed that no force Avaya Nortel’s customers to “rip and replace existing products or even cover their growth, but allow them to protect existing investments in Nortel products.

“Our approach will be through communications” plug-and-play “Baratz said, adding that it will be possible for customers to connect the Aura architecture on top of its existing PBX infrastructure,” and it is a PBX Avaya or Nortel PBX, then connect their business applications on top of the Aura architecture.

Aura will “become a blending of the best technologies from Avaya and Nortel’s best technologies,” according to Baratz.

Nortel Agile Communication Environment (ACE) software for unified communications “stick in Aura,” said Baratz. He indicated that the security of Nortel Ethernet products and to see a greater investment of Avaya and greater integration into the Avaya unified communications and contact center products.

Baratz also said that all future connections through Avaya Contact Center products, “must be conferences, no point to point”, and predicted that the Contact Centre 8 (CC8) would “at some point during the year comes. ”

“There will be an acceleration of investment in mobile telephony, which is increasingly important,” he said.

Nortel’s current clients see a change in the support model, sales of Avaya chief Todd Abbott, said during the conference call. Whereas Nortel has provided “support to its products, from July 1, customers will receive three months of 12 months of support from Avaya, after which they will be able to buy support as a model.

An Avaya spokeswoman told ZDNet UK on Wednesday that Avaya would agree with those who purchased Nortel products in the last year on a case by case basis.

The International Nortel Networks Users Association (INNUA) issued a statement Tuesday in which he said that ads for Avaya, said: “Nortel’s existing customers will have much to say” in how quickly migrate to the platform Aura.

“The short-term impact on our members will be limited,” said Executive Director Victor Bohnert INNUA in the statement. “Our goal now is to prepare for the future. We have implemented several programs to inform our members of changes on time scales of their installation and begin to develop training and educational opportunities to help them prepare for long term. ”

Nortel filed for bankruptcy in early 2009, prompting a sell-off of its various units. Since Avaya was announced as the buyer’s business portfolio Nortel, ShoreTel rivals have launched offerings that we hope to attract existing customers to migrate away from Nortel Avaya.