HP Q4: Mixed bag expected as IT giants stumble


Can Hewlett-Packard deliver AN top side surprise in its commercial enterprise fourth quarter results on condition that giants like Cisco and IBM are unsteady of late?

That’s the question analysts are asking as H.P. sets up its final quarterly report of its yr. The short answer is that H.P. is not expected to deliver several surprises. At this time, H.P. meeting expectations would count as a giant win.

Most analysts expect H.P. to deliver ends up in line with expectations. Wall Street is expecting H.P. to deliver fourth quarter non-GAAP earnings of $1 a share on revenue of $27.9 billion.

Giants struggle: Cisco’s Q1 mixed: Revenue lightweight, earnings high estimates | IBM’s Q3 mixed, hardware business thumped Continue reading “HP Q4: Mixed bag expected as IT giants stumble”

HP Slate 500

Hewlett-Packard unveils long-awaited Windows seven slate that may be retailed for US$799, to be formally introduced on Monday.

There are some leaks here and there, however currently we all know, primarily based on this HP document, that it’s officially referred to as the HP Slate five hundred pill computer. As HP had said before, it comes with Windows seven and is geared toward company customers. We’ve listed all the specs below, however a number of those that popped out at us: it weighs simply one.5 pounds, has an 8.9-inch multitouch show and 2 cameras, and it takes input from a stylus, that they are calling the HP Slate Digital Pen.

Some additional detailed specs: The eight.9-inch LED-backlit show sports a one,024×600-pixel resolution. the five hundred comes with Windows seven skilled put in, a 1.86GHz Intel Atom Z540 processor, and a 64GB solid-state drive. conjointly inside: an Intel Graphics Media Accelerator five hundred, a mixture stereo headphone-microphone jack, a VGA (video graphics array) front-facing Webcam, a 3-megapixel camera on the rear, Bluetooth connectivity, and 802.11b/g/n wireless connectivity.

Input devices embody an optional keyboard and optical mouse, similarly because the HP Slate Digital Pen. The pill conjointly comes with Evernote, Adobe Reader, and Adobe Acrobat in-built, beside some HP-branded software.

HP dangles developer carrot with WebOS PCs

Sometimes it’s easier to compete by giving the world no option but to deal with you. By declaring its intention to use WebOS in its biggest selling and most well-known product line, Hewlett-Packard (HP) is doing just that.

Almost two hours into an event ostensibly scheduled to reveal HP’s new smartphones along with the TouchPad tablet, HP Executive Vice President Todd Bradley dropped a bit of a stunner. HP has long said since acquiring Palm that it planned to use WebOS in a variety of devices, but until today few realized it intended to drive the software into its PC lineup.

“I’m excited to announce our plans to bring the WebOS to the device that has the biggest reach of all: the personal computer,” Bradley said. And with that, many in the tech industry stopped wondering whether the TouchPad was really good enough to compete with the iPad and started wondering about how the world has been changed.

Already this year Microsoft has announced that Windows will run on ARM chips, which power the mobile world. And now HP is willing to risk alienating one of its oldest and closest partners by emphasizing its own software in hopes of creating a world in which software developers have no choice but to put WebOS near the top of their to-do lists.

If we were talking about just smartphones and tablets, it’s not clear consumers and developers saw enough Wednesday to take such a step. Even after the event, vital details about the newest generation of WebOS smartphones and the company’s first tablet are still glaringly scarce.

Perhaps most importantly, we have no idea how much the Veer, Pre 3, and TouchPad will cost. And besides that, shipping dates for the products were very vague, listed by the season rather than by the month and likely to arrive after next-generation products from Apple and from Google partners start to hit stores.

But HP has one very strong ace in the hole: the world’s most popular PC brand. If HP does manage to ship PCs in volume with WebOS, those software developers will suddenly have a huge potential market to address with their applications. HP sold nearly 63 million PCs during 2010.

Of course, such a switch won’t happen overnight and almost certainly won’t involve numbers on that large a scale for quite some time, if ever. In a brief interview after HP’s event, Phil McKinney, vice president and chief technology officer for HP’s personal systems group, said it’s likely that the first WebOS-based PCs will run WebOS atop Windows 7. He didn’t rule out the prospect of WebOS-only PCs, but he had nothing in the way of even basic details to share.

All the hedging aside, the announcement sends a clear signal. As Fortune’s Michael Copeland pointed out, HP doesn’t think it needs to rely on Microsoft to sell PCs anymore.

Microsoft was polite in response to HP’s event. “HP is a valued Microsoft partner, and we continue to work closely with them on many new products that bring great experiences to our mutual customers,” the company said in a statement.

However, it was obvious after HP bought Palm for US$1.2 billion that it was moving away from Microsoft’s mobile operating system road map. It just wasn’t as clear that HP was prepared to slight Microsoft when it came to both companies’ flagship products as well, and no matter what combination HP chooses to use of WebOS and Windows 7 on its PCs, few would be surprised if it promoted its own software rather prominently.

And that, in turn, may encourage more and more people to think about alternative PCs running WebOS that aren’t quite tablets but don’t look like your father’s desktop tower either. An easy example would be HP’s Touchsmart PC, which one could easily see running WebOS as a kitchen-counter computer or in the lobby of a design firm.

If it all works out, HP will have given software developers millions of reasons to take it seriously. To be clear, this is not a long-term strategy: PC growth is anemic, smartphones are already outshipping PCs, and tablet growth is expected by most people in this industry to soar over the next few years.

HP will have to be competitive in smartphones and tablets to remain a force in the personal computing market, and its development teams in those categories need to pick up the pace to even stay abreast of Apple and Google. Still, it will be hard for competitors to match HP’s potential reach across the world’s computing markets if WebOS tablets, smartphones, and PCs prove popular.

At some point there will no longer be enough software development energy to support six different mobile operating systems. If Nokia really does throw in the towel later this week and embrace Windows Phone 7, we’ll be down to five.

WebOS has been an underdog in this fight for quite some time. But developers understand volume, and WebOS PCs could represent quite a lot of that.

HP calls Oracle’s secrecy claim a ‘cheap shot’

Hewlett-Packard and Oracle continue to throw mud in a dispute over the decision to Oracle, Itanium ugly to be deposited in one of the other side of the cascades of publicity and secrecy unjustified accused.

On Thursday, HP claims retaliation against Oracle last month that HP tried to information that could weaken his position to hide in the fall.

“Oracle says in its opposition to the transition to a complaint with the seal of the file HP is trying to hide the truth on the basis of their claims against Oracle. Nothing could be further from the truth,” wrote the lawyer for HP. “Not one word of complaint to HP is not willing – happy to publish -.”

HP uses Intel Itanium servers running the operating system HP-UX. HP Oracle is a violation of a contractual agreement when he left to develop new software to switch to Itanium. Oracle says it is a legal agreement.

HP presented part of his complaint under seal, filed, including the terms of an agreement on dispute settlement in the lawsuit against his former HP CEO, Mark Hurd, when he took a job at Oracle. The agreement includes a contractual commitment between companies of any ongoing support of products, according to HP.

Oracle has downplayed the importance of the pact, calling it nothing more than “corporate hug” to show that the companies had ended their feud. Oracle said HP is trying to keep the secret settlement because it would be releasing harmful to their cause.

This is far from the truth, HP said in his speech Thursday.

“As you know, Oracle, HP filed a complaint regarding the settlement agreement prepared by the perseverance of all concerned – Oracle, HP and Hurd – the agreement contains a provision that the parties to disclose the terms of the agreement for, “said HP. “HP is forced to comply with the terms of the provision strictly confidential and took steps before doing this.”

However, Oracle has decided to “land a low blow” against HP, continuous display of “inappropriate perforation of the recording with the. Deceptive and inflammatory that the benefits”

HP confirms his belief that Oracle is committed to continuing to work with HP.

“Oracle says that the provision is simply a” further demands on the Oracle database and other software at the port for HP platforms, “the general assertion of a non-contractual” association “” HP can not compete seriously, the presentation said. “But that’s exactly what Oracle attorney general said the arrangement meant specifically HP during the negotiations on the agreement. “

While HP is ready to stay, an unedited version of his public denunciations have an agreement on dispute settlement next to the section on contractual obligations, the States of the Presentation of HP sealed.

Oracle has criticized the position of HP, regardless of the specific allegations in his presentation.

“Oracle is not interested in keeping the general public,” Oracle said in a brief statement. “The settlement of complaints and should be released immediately.”

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