Cisco Inadvertently Weakens Password Encryption in its IOS Operating System

The word secret writing algorithmic rule utilized in some recent versions of the Cisco IOS OS is weaker than the algorithmic rule it absolutely was designed to switch, Cisco discovered earlier on.

The new secret writing algorithmic rule is termed sort four and was presupposed to increase the resiliency of encrypted passwords against brute-force attacks. “The sort four algorithmic rule was designed to be a stronger various to the prevailing sort five and sort seven algorithms,” Cisco aforementioned weekday in an exceedingly security response document printed on its web site.

However, because of Associate in Nursing implementation error, the new algorithmic rule generates word hashes — cryptographical representations of passwords — that square measure weaker than those generated by the kind five algorithmic rule for equally complicated passwords. Continue reading “Cisco Inadvertently Weakens Password Encryption in its IOS Operating System”

Nortel CEO on his way out

Nortel Networks’ CEO Mike Zafirovski can leave the troubled supplier of telecommunications equipment within the coming back weeks, The Wall Street Journal reported on Saturday, citing anonymous sources.

Zafirovski, who previously was president and chief operating officer of Motorola, became Nortel Networks’ CEO in November 2005 and tried to show round the struggling Canadian company. However, Nortel Networks ended up seeking bankruptcy protection in January of this year and is currently selling its assets to pay creditors. Continue reading “Nortel CEO on his way out”

DOJ examines Nortel patent sale

The U.S. Department of Justice is examining bidders, together with Apple and Google, fascinated by Nortel’s patent portfolio, in line with a report within the Wall Street Journal that cites unnamed folks aware of true.

The agency is worried that the patents may be used to hamper competition within the wireless business, in line with the report.

In April, Google said it had bid US$900 million for thousands of patents that Nortel is auctioning off as a part of its bankruptcy proceedings. whereas courts within the U.S. and Canada, where Nortel is predicated, approved Google’s provide, alternative interested patrons have till June twenty to counterbid for the over half dozen,000 patents. Continue reading “DOJ examines Nortel patent sale”