HP Q4: Mixed bag expected as IT giants stumble


Can Hewlett-Packard deliver AN top side surprise in its commercial enterprise fourth quarter results on condition that giants like Cisco and IBM are unsteady of late?

That’s the question analysts are asking as H.P. sets up its final quarterly report of its yr. The short answer is that H.P. is not expected to deliver several surprises. At this time, H.P. meeting expectations would count as a giant win.

Most analysts expect H.P. to deliver ends up in line with expectations. Wall Street is expecting H.P. to deliver fourth quarter non-GAAP earnings of $1 a share on revenue of $27.9 billion.

Giants struggle: Cisco’s Q1 mixed: Revenue lightweight, earnings high estimates | IBM’s Q3 mixed, hardware business thumped Continue reading “HP Q4: Mixed bag expected as IT giants stumble”

HP, Juniper Win As Switch Sales Drop During Q1

hough price competition and a weak public sector made the first three months of 2011 difficult for Ethernet switch vendors, Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) and Juniper Networks (JNPR) still managed to increase sales and market share, according to data from market research company Canalys.

Overall revenue was down 8.8 percent year-on-year in the first quarter to US$4.6 billion, even though vendors sold more ports. A key factor behind this development was aggressive competition between market leader Cisco Systems (CSCO) and challengers HP and Juniper, according to Canalys.

Cisco is still the largest Ethernet switch vendor by a large margin. But the company has been struggling lately, and its market share in terms of revenue fell from 73.1 percent a year ago to 68.2 percent. Continue reading “HP, Juniper Win As Switch Sales Drop During Q1”

HP Partners Puzzled By Stephen DeWitt’s Absence From GPC

Stephen DeWitt has been a visible figure in the Hewlett Packard channel, which is why many HP partners were confused by his apparent absence from last week’s Global Partner Conference in Las Vegas.

According to several HP partners who attended GPC, HP officials consistently deflected their questions about DeWitt’s current and future role at the company. However, rumor has it that DeWitt will be joining Dave Donatelli’s $22 billion Enterprise Servers, Storage and Networking (ESSN) division, and that HP will announce the appointment soon. Continue reading “HP Partners Puzzled By Stephen DeWitt’s Absence From GPC”

HP, Apple, Aruba sued over Wi-Fi patents

Hewlett-Packard, Apple, Aruba Networks, Meru Networks, and Ruckus Wireless are listed within the grievance filed with the International Trade Commission on might half-dozen. Linex has asked the commission to ban the import of offending merchandise. Among the merchandise listed are HP’s Pavilion and Envy laptops, Apple’s MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook professional, Airport Extreme, and Time Capsule. Continue reading “HP, Apple, Aruba sued over Wi-Fi patents”

HP expanded its services to the energy and carbon management

Hewlett-Packard announced on Thursday a new portfolio of services to determine ways to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions throughout the company.

HP energy and sustainability services program management (ESM) include monitoring and reporting of carbon emissions and energy consumption in buildings, data centers and supply chains, said Ken Hamilton, director of global energy and sustainability services within the HP Technology Consulting Group. Services are the provision of financial models for business sustainability and energy balance.

“Companies are developing specific investment opportunities,” said Hamilton. For example, companies are spending on specific cooling techniques in data centers, but HP wants businesses to think across the board buildings and equipment are in the supply chain. Such an extension could help a more detailed business model to reduce your energy costs and reduce emissions.

Services include a review of materials, parts, water and waste management. The program also offers a special monitoring and reporting services with tools like software for analysis of water consumption, energy efficiency and carbon emissions.

Services could be useful for companies that said savings foreclosure of existing enterprises, Michael Kanellos, senior analyst at Greentech Media.

“Energy and natural resources prices go up,” said Kanellos. “This could be a greater share of operating costs.”

There is a growing interest in evaluating and using alternatives in geothermal operations, said Hamilton. Services can help you choose a company for renewable energy options as required by either regulation or company policy is driven. HP will then evaluate the costs, benefits and business drivers of the options and make recommendations, said Hamilton.

The value of HP services varies, Greentech is Kanellos said. For example, traders may seek to reduce costs and be environmentally friendly by packaging materials such as Styrofoam, which can not in line with the expertise of HP.

However, HP was able to offer its distribution centers and operations know-how for business. Many data centers in New York City said they were not more energy, because the power plugs, Kanellos said. To paste in companies to virtualize the limits of application performance more, or to switch to energy-efficient air conditioners and cooling systems. HP Services was able to help companies streamline operations to stay within certain power plugs, Kanellos said.

HP already offers services related to design, planning and construction of data centers. The company also sells services to operate data centers and buildings are connected, including mechanical, electrical and heating and cooling designs.

But the company still has the data center, the company wants to move, Hamilton said. As a global manufacturer of PCs, HP has a strong supply chain, and under this know-how to companies to reduce energy costs associated with shipping, purchases of materials and workmanship. The company is expanding its internal engineering and also provide research funding for monitoring and reporting tools.

Has been developed for the sample contains the HP service chain analysis analytical capacity of the life cycle of a tool for evaluating sustainability of HP Labs. This tool is used to evaluate different aspects of a product or building, including gas emissions in energy, water, waste and greenhouse. Scores are based on factors such as equipment, operational requirements, environment, safety, cost and carbon intensity.

HP is also the use of specialized software solutions from partners such as manufacturers Hara on the environment and energy management software.

Hara is a hot company, and over time could be purchased, primarily for reporting on carbon is a common practice worldwide, Kanellos said.

The more energy a business uses, the more carbon is, Kanellos said. Not every company is required to report their emissions of carbon dioxide in the United States, but it’s the right thing to do, Kanellos said.

“It is good practice for when the regulations of carbon we,” said Kanellos.

Reports carbon footprint of a business is also a good idea because it involves business risks with non-environmentally friendly, HP said Hamilton.

About the awareness of energy efficiency and carbon footprint, a service called HP and sustainability of the energy Discovery Workshop is a forum where decision makers to gather in a business, acquire a common understanding of objectives on energy and sustainability is based.

Competitors HP, SAP and Cisco also offer tools and services to help companies monitor and reduce carbon emissions. SAP acquired in 2009 provide clear standards for measuring carbon. Cisco offers the product range EnergyWise to track and monitor energy consumption and requirements.