Hercules HWNR-300 wireless router

Over the short measuring distance of three meters was one of the fastest HWNR-300 routers. With the proprietary USB adapter HWNU-300, he scored an average of 87 Mbit / s. No sooner was the bad data transfer from and to a Centrino notebook with 11n WLAN module. At the two distant measuring points (10 and 20 yards) broke the data rate, however, a clear: Here was the Hercules router back to the end of the test field.

The router supports WPS in the push-and-pin version. Commendable: The Setup Wizard suggests as WPA2 encryption, the installation wizard prompts you set up the router to switch on the access password. Nevertheless, we can continue the installation even if one does not change the password. Universal Plug & Play is disabled by default. However, there was no option in the menu to view or save log files.

For each installation and setup of the router wizard found on CD and on the menu. The menu is clearly structured, falls for a router menu but very playful. The main options are available, such as for port forwarding, filtering and quality of service, but most other routers offer more setting options. The help texts are to enjoy rather than informs.

The 4-port LAN switch and the Internet port of the router to work with Fast Ethernet speeds. That’s it with equipment highlights: for example, supports WDS-300 HWNR not. The power consumption in data transmission was 6.8 watts. This is good news economically, as well as the 5.5 watts which we speak, without data transfer.