Maryfi Is a Free Software Router for Windows 7

Windows: Remember Microsoft Virtual Wi-Fi plans for Windows 7? Although the project is officially dead, but the source code is available, and without the application Maryfi takes advantage of this to offer a software router that can share a single Wi-Fi portion, such as those used in airports, hotels, etc

Edit-we received news that Maryfi used many of the copyrighted logos and text Connectify, a similar service that we’ve covered in the past. Readers are advised to exercise caution when using the software from sources that the reuse of copyrighted material and encourage you to look also at Connectify.

Anchor points and mobile MiFi such as Verizon or T-Mobile HotSpot are great if you are a frequent traveler or if your company is paying the bill. I travel to one or two conventions a year, usually subject to connect my phone Wi-Fi, but I had a very good connection on the 37th floor and had to pony up $ 15 for a day Unlimited Wi-Fi. Even worse was that the two friends who share the room with my laptop used when you need to check your email. If I had Maryfi could have just shared my connection with everyone in the hotel room.

Maryfi can share any type of Internet connection on the host computer, other devices enabled Wi-Fi can see and join the active zone Maryfi that can be secured with WPA2 encryption. Another use is to set Maryfi as a repeater to the router, this home can help stretch the connectivity to a device outside of your current Wi-Fi range.