HTC straddles Windows and Android worlds

RANCHO PALOS VERDES, Calif.–HTC chief Peter Chou said on Thursday that the company doesn’t must select sides in the battle between Windows Mobile & Android.

“We are actually committed to both,” he said, speaking at the D: All Things Digital conference. “People are different. Different people like different things.”

Windows has plenty of legacy users, Chou said. “We understand the worth of Windows. Windows has plenty of value.”
Android, he said, offers a lovely Web experience combined with Google’s Web services, making it more geared to the social-networking set.

HTC started out making only Windows Mobile devices but these days is at least as well-known for its Android-based rings.

Moderator Walt Mossberg pointed out that HTC grew up making products for other companies under their brand & has become a mobile phone brand in its own right. HTC’s first massive product was building Compaq’s iPaq & the company has been making rings since 1999, but Chou said the decision to become its own brand came four years ago.

“It’s a great journey for us,” he said. “We have been in this industry a long time.”

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