Microsoft app store closes to minors in Asian nation

Microsoft has bolted minors out of its mobile app store in Asian nation since last month.

Young users square measure blocked from the mobile app store as associate degree fortuitous side-effect of the country’s questionable “Cinderella law,” that cuts off access to on-line games for users underneath age sixteen from time of day to six a.m. To battle teen addiction to video games, the govt enacted the law in Nov of last year. however attributable to resistance, it relaxed the regulation since this Gregorian calendar month in order that kids underneath eighteen currently have the choice of setting the limit for themselves with the agreement of their parent or trustee. Continue reading “Microsoft app store closes to minors in Asian nation”

Windows 8 Pro pricing: $899 and up

Windows 8 Pro

Microsoft has announced pricing for its Surface with Windows 8 Pro, starting at $899 with 64 GB of storage.

A 128 GB version will also be available for $999. Both models will include a Surface active digitizer pen with “Palm Block” technology, but Microsoft’s Touch Cover and Type Cover will be sold separately. As previously stated by Microsoft, the Surface with Windows 8 Pro will go in sale in January. Continue reading “Windows 8 Pro pricing: $899 and up”

Microsoft adding in-memory technology to SQL Server

In a move to hurry on-line dealings process (OLTP), Microsoft is adding in-memory capabilities into its SQL Server computer database management system.

The next version of SQL Server can feature the flexibility to host information tables or maybe entire databases at intervals a server’s remembering. “Any application that’s throttled by the I/O of a tough disk would profit by [having its data] affected into memory,” aforesaid Doug Leland, Microsoft top dog. presently Microsoft is testing this in-memory technology, codenamed Hekaton, with variety of shoppers. Continue reading “Microsoft adding in-memory technology to SQL Server”

Cisco to Microsoft: Your Lync Mobile App Is Lame

Microsoft has been quietly facing the truth in the mobile market by making its apps available on other mobile platforms, namely iOS and Android.

In the past two weeks, Microsoft has announced iOS-based versions of information gathering app OneNote and consumer cloud service, SkyDrive. In addition, a mobile client for Lync 2010, Microsoft’s unified communications suite for corporate instant-messaging, audio/video conferencing and voice-over-IP telephony, is now available for Windows Phone and will be “available shortly” for iOS and Android, the company stated in blog post. Can Sharepoint be far behind? Continue reading “Cisco to Microsoft: Your Lync Mobile App Is Lame”