China more prudent than usual assessing Microsoft’s Nokia

Microsoft’s proposed acquisition of Nokia’s devices business appears to be getting more due diligence than usual for approval by Chinese authorities.

Such deals typically get approved by China’s Ministry of Commerce after a 30-day first phase investigation, but it is currently undergoing a second phase probe, according to The Economic Observer. The deal has already been given the green light in other countries, including the United States and Europe.

According to the news agency’s sources, the extra prudence by the ministry stemmed mainly from requests from domestic phonemakers such as ZTE, Lenovo and Xiaomi, who are worried the completion of the deal could lead to higher patent fees by Nokia for its handset technology and tighter enforcement. Continue reading “China more prudent than usual assessing Microsoft’s Nokia”

Nokia battles setbacks

In AN interview with The Economic Times (ET) last week, Nokia’s rising markets head confirmed his resignation. He can leave the company’s Dubai workplace, wherever he oversees the mobile maker’s efforts in over ninety countries, to come to his native India–where he initial joined Nokia eight years agone.

The opportunities and growth area unit in Asian country, he told ET.

“When I joined Nokia, Asian country had concerning eighty million portable subscribers, these days it’s over 900 million. i think that Nokia too had a job to play during this beside mobile operators.”

Shivakumar can advise the corporate within the returning months before his departure, because the company faces a number of its biggest challenges in nearly 20 years of operation on the landmass. Continue reading “Nokia battles setbacks”

Nokia updates Windows Phone 8 public transport app

Nokia has launched a replacement version of its Transport application, that presents directions in an exceedingly new manner and counts all the way down to once the bus or train can leave.

Navigation is one amongst the tools Nokia hopes can convert shoppers to choose up the Lumia 820 or the Lumia 920, the company‚Äôs new devices running Windows Phone eight. The Transport application, additionally referred to as Transit, is a component of that. Continue reading “Nokia updates Windows Phone 8 public transport app”