Cisco Linksys E4200 Router

Linksys’s E4200 dual-band wireless gigabit router is sort of a box of chocolates, however not within the Forrest Gump sense. you really grasp specifically what you are going to get: nice performance and options.

The E4200 appearance, literally, sort of a box of pricey chocolates. With its swish, grayness matte end, this can be probably the best-looking router within the business. All of the standing lights ar hidden on the rear of the unit next to the WAN and local area network ports, that heightens the impact.

The E4200 is straightforward to line up. Cisco Linksys provides a setup CD that may walk you thru the method, otherwise you will get the unit started manually via the conventional Linksys hypertext mark-up language configuration page at The interface is straightforward to use, however some options like the parental controls and net access policy might be a lot of intuitive. Continue reading “Cisco Linksys E4200 Router”

Brocade launches management tools and 100GbE router

Brocade has launched Brocade Network Advisor, a converged management platform for both storage area network and IP networks, and a high-density 100Gb Ethernet router, as part of its overall data center strategy.

The products, unveiled on Wednesday, are part of the networking specialist’s Brocade One strategy, which seeks to simplify the architecture of the modern data center. It competes with data center packages offered by other major hardware companies, such as Cisco’s Unified Computing System and Juniper Networks’s Project Status. Continue reading “Brocade launches management tools and 100GbE router”

Cisco bolsters routers to spur IPv6 migration

Cisco this week enhanced its IPv6 offerings for its carrier core and edge routers in an effort to ease the eventual migration from IPv4.

The Carrier-Grade IP Version 6 Solution line includes a new hardware module for Cisco’s CRS-1 router, and software for that system as well as for the Cisco ASR 9000 edge router. Cisco also unveiled professional services offerings to assist customers in the transition from IPv4 to IPv6.
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Configure Cisco routers to save core dumps

When you do, you will want to be prepared to save that critical router memory information in order to find out why the router crashed and prevent future crashes. To do this, you need to configure your router to store core dump information in the event of a crash.

Let’s find out what a core dump is, how it can help you, and how you can configure your router to store these important files for analysis.
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ADSL Wireless Routers

Whilea lot more people take up high speed broadband, the proportions to share internetinternet connections that gives quick and actual value for them, wireless tools arealso attaining wider popularity than in the past. It can be, in fact, a way onwardin social networking. However, as most people are not aware or would not haveinformation the number of components of package they require to setup an invisible broadband,they have got alternatives of countless wireless products that are “put andperformInches kind like World wide web equipment ADSL Wireless Modems.In reality, this kind of units have grown popular the marketplace to restore easy to remainconnected with your system and talk about information and records instead of usingcable for connecting computers inside identical business office, house or property. Continue reading “ADSL Wireless Routers”