Sun Aims for SSD Future in Servers

Sun has prepared out more of its plans for using solid-state drives in its servers, which it states will help customers to decrease power charges and advance submission presentation in the data center.

The business is offering SSDs that customers can skid into their storage embayments, and in the future will plans to integrate them onto the server motherboard itself to supply much quicker facts and figures get access to for I/O intensive submissions, said Michael Cornwell, lead technologist of blink recollection at Sun. This could assess a change in how Sun servers are designed going ahead, he said.

The company broadcast Wednesday that it is now offering Intel’s 32GB X25-E Extreme SSD which customers can slide into their servers. charge beginning at US$1,199, the propel will be available in a 2.5-inch module that fits into 14 forms of Sun Fire servers and Sun Storage 7000 schemes. Continue reading “Sun Aims for SSD Future in Servers”

Ex-Sun Boss McNealy Sides With Oracle in Google Dispute

Former Sun boss Scott McNealy sided with Oracle on Th in its dispute with Google over mechanical man, testifying in court that corporations required a license to use Sun’s Java programming interfaces.

McNealy’s testimony contrasted thereupon of dessert apple Schwartz, WHO became Sun’s chief operating officer when McNealy and was additionally on the stand Th. Schwartz emphasised Java’s openness and testified that Sun ne’er felt it had grounds to bring a causa against Google.

The two were testifying within the second week of Oracle’s causa against Google, during which it accuses the corporate of infringing Oracle’s Java patents and copyrights within the mechanical man OS. Oracle nonheritable the rights to Java once it bought Sun in early 2010. Continue reading “Ex-Sun Boss McNealy Sides With Oracle in Google Dispute”