Websense promotes DLP freebie

Websense Thursday announced it is making the data loss prevention (DLP) Suite free for 30 days under a “DLP for Download” program.

The discharge of about 600 MB available on the site Websense.com is the total of the company Websense Data Security Suite. The download can be installed in a VMware-based environment and aims to provide a quick way to evaluate the effectiveness of programs to stop unauthorized transmission of data.

The unusual move of offering free suite comes at a time when some in the industry say that the DLP tools are increasingly expensive shelfware.

DLP Network World First

The evaluation of DLP can take weeks, but for DLP to download software, Websense is trying to speed through assessment tools such as automated installation tools and video tutorial. Websense believes that the facility could be as low as 30 minutes. Implementation requires the definition of policies, and Websense DLP includes about 1,100 policies and built-in templates.

A license key gives you 30 days to evaluate the software, and “then left to consider the contents of data leaks,” says Dave Meizlik, director of product marketing. If the assessment of those who wish to purchase for their organizations, please contact Websense, which provides an activation key. Pricing usually runs at about $ 17.50 per employee, Meizlik says.

The DLP also works with the Websense Security Gateway solution by supporting Triton architecture introduced earlier this year.

Websense is considered a market leader in DLP, along with companies like Symantec and McAfee.