Solving my biggest MacBook Pro annoyance … for only $20

What is it? it is a precision-engineered metal ring that attaches to the MagSafe two instrumentation that will increase the strength of the magnetic affiliation whereas still permitting you to connect and detach the instrumentation ordinarily.

And the Snuglet does not simply match the MagSafe two instrumentation, it fits it exactly, due to the very fact that it’s been machined to a tolerance of but the diameter of a personality’s hair.

The cost? $20. Sure, i am paying a third-party to unravel Apple’s engineering issues, however it is a tiny value to stay my MacBook professional high-powered up dependably. Continue reading “Solving my biggest MacBook Pro annoyance … for only $20”

Apple snaps up Australian-made SnappyLabs: Report

Apple might presently be operating to let its iPhone users take up to twenty photos per second when it’s reportedly purchased SnappyLabs and its photography app SnappyCam.

SnappyCam, that was created by San Francisco-based Australian John Papandriopoulos, improved on the default iPhone phone application by permitting iPhone five users to require 8-megapixel quality shots at twenty footage per second. consistent with reports, Papandriopoulos rewrote the JPEG codec with a replacement algorithmic rule for ARM processors with the atomic number 10 SIMD extension to permit the iPhone’s camera to compress the complete 8MP shots in real time. This was fourfold the quantity within the default iPhone five camera app, consistent with SnappyCam. Continue reading “Apple snaps up Australian-made SnappyLabs: Report”

Apple and China Mobile sign deal to sell iPhones

Apple plans to offer the iPhone to more than 760 million China Mobile customers next month, which could help it increase its share from the fifth position in this growing market.

The company already sells its phones in China through two other carriers in the country—China Telecom and China Unicom—but a deal with China Mobile, the largest in the country, had eluded it for some time. One reason is that China Mobile uses a different wireless telecommunications standard from its competitors.

As part of an agreement announced Sunday, Apple’s iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c will be available from China Mobile and Apple retail stores in China on January 17. Preregistration of the phones will begin on the carrier’s website and through its customer service hotline from Wednesday. Continue reading “Apple and China Mobile sign deal to sell iPhones”

Hacker group claims access to 12M Apple device IDs

Hacker cluster AntiSec has printed what it claims is regarding one million distinctive device symbol numbers (UDIDs) for Apple devices that it aforesaid it accessed earlier this year from a pc happiness to Associate in Nursing government agent.

The group, that could be a splinter operation of the Anonymous hacking collective, claims that it’s culled quite twelve million UDIDs and private knowledge linking the devices to users from the Federal Bureau of Investigation pc. AntiSec aforesaid it selected to publish a little of these records to prove it’s them.

In an extraordinarily extended note on Pastebin, a member of AntiSec aforesaid the cluster had culled some personal knowledge like full names and cell numbers from the printed knowledge. Instead, the cluster aforesaid it printed enough data like device kind, device ID and Apple Push Notification Service tokens to let users confirm whether or not their devices ar on the list. Apple device homeowners WHO need to ascertain will do thus here. Continue reading “Hacker group claims access to 12M Apple device IDs”

First Google, now Apple?

According to reports, Apple has secured private aerial vehicles to take military-accurate 3D maps — that may be powerful enough to take footage through skylights and windows.

The technology is rumored to be able to scan objects down to four inches wide, and the military-grade equipment may be able to capture not just aerial views of cities, but probe further into the domestic arrangements of the general public.

The technology giant expected to soon announce new mapping technology to rival Google Maps, following Apple’s acquisition of Swedish C3 Technologies — an advanced 3D mapping business — last year. Continue reading “First Google, now Apple?”