Wireless Router Air Live WN-200R

Replace the router or modem that the ISP provide us when we discharge its services is a task that often is unsuccessful: to find a specific pattern that matches the specifications of the ISP in addition to having to call the provider to reconfigure the router are things that not all users can or know how to perform or that many times come to naught. However we always have alternative options to enhance the characteristics of the original apparatus.

Today we have to focus on a ASUS router which is designed to meet the sometimes irritating gaps that may have the equipment provided by our ISP. The specific model is the RT-N15.With the picture in front of the blue surprise the stylized form of the router which is quite thin and can be displayed either vertically or horizontally

Box also shows details such as the speed of 300 Mbps can be achieved, compatibility with all wireless modes support for WPS, or Gigabyte Ethernet with LAN.In the back there are more details, including a map of how to connect the device, or a description of the BOD, or intelligent management system bandwidth.

Since then, the chances of this router are very large, at least we can see at a glance. Now that the Internet is an essential tool in every home, what better way to enjoy it than with a device that allows us to take full advantage of that connection? We will see what you can do this ASUS RT-N15 cannot do others. We will see in more detail.